Looking for recipe inspiration while you're home in quarantine? 

There's a lot of uncertainty right now, your meals shouldn't be one of them. And while you're staying home, you may be forced to get into the kitchen more than you'd like.

Chances are, you loaded up on pantry staples (cue beans, grains and some frozen veggies that are lost in the freezer) that you don't know exactly what do to with. You're tired of buying food and letting it go to waste-you want to be mindful of your budget while also making food you enjoy- that doesn't undo the months of hard work at the gym this winter.

If you're struggling to put meals together and keep your health in check, I got you! Check out the


You'll get recipes for 14 meals that can be eaten for lunch + dinner, with repeatable ingredients to keep your shopping list in check. And, you'll get a grocery shopping list for the entire plan- a great way to plan for meals whether you're ordering your groceries, or picking up.

I know this is a tough time for so many of us, and I have been praying daily for those who are sick, and those who are putting their lives on the front lines. And I want to help.

For every meal plan purchased, 20% of the proceeds will be donated to FLAG (Front Line Appreciation Group) Hoboken + Jersey City Chapter. FLAG is a group of dedicated locals who are facilitating purchasing meals from local businesses in our area and delivering them directly to first responders and Hoboken/Jersey City medical centers + healthcare workers. You can learn more about FLAG below.

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Two Week Pantry Meal Plan
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All meals are gluten-free and dairy optional, with both plant-based and animal protein options included. All means can be made in 30 minutes or less! Save yourself the stress, the money and the food waste and check it out!

Cheers to staying healthy, sane and well during this quarantine, my friend!

X, Jamie

To learn more about FLAG: