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Need to reset your healthy habits coming out of quarantine?

Have you been super lenient with your eating habits in the Q?  You cozy up with dessert every night, or maybe some wine- and you can't stop snacking! Your self-control has dwindled and you've stopped prioritizing yourself for a bit. You joke about gaining the “quaratine 19” but deep down, you’re embarrassed and sick of self-sabotaging.  

You've been forced to use your kitchen more, but you're sick of making the same old meals and need some inspiration...

Mentally, you're in a million different places: over-consuming news and social media. Stress is becoming a norm for you. You feel foggy-brained and drained most days. Time's just passing you by as you live on autopilot, disconnected. . 

“When quarantine lifts and life resumes again I’ll be better" you say- but honestly, you know deep down if you continue like this any longer you won't fit into your summer clothes. You know you need to make a change, you don't want to continue with this...

What you WANT for yourself: to be able to practice more self-control around food.  You want someone to tell you what to eat, with access to creative and healthy meals that actually TASTE good. You want structure. You miss community and connection to others. You need a plan, a way to keep yourself on track and you want to feel ENERGIZED and alive each day. 

You want to manage your stress + stop battling yourself internally each day. You desire to build trust in yourself again.  And you want to come out of this quarantine feeling proud and confident. And you’ve realized you need accountability and structure.

Time to hit the "RESET" button, my love! JOIN ME!

FWD Seasonal RESET Kicking off Monday July 20th!

This is a two week nutrition + mentality accountability program designed to help you: 

  • Reset your eating habits with easy to prepare, plant-based recipes, loaded with nutrient-dense foods and flavor that leave you energized and satiated, while eliminating bloat, brain-fog, fatigue and helping to improve your energy, sleep, mood and shed unwanted quarantine lbs. 
  • Reset your MENTALITY- one of the most important foundations of making and SUSTAINING healthy change. 
  • Keep yourself accountable in taking ACTION towards your health.

Benefits include: 

  • Mental Clarity
  • More Energy
  • Better Digestion
  • Reduced Inflammation
  • Nutrition Education
  • Healthy Weight Loss
  • Ammunition to move forward and make changes in your health
  • Bust through the barriers and mental blocks that keep you from making progress with your healthy habits.

What's Included?:

  • A two week meal plan of plant-based, nutrient dense meals for breakfast, lunch + dinner that eliminates common food allergens (wheat, soy, dairy, refined grains, corn, peanuts) and processed foods (with two built in flexible days)
  • (Optional) guided intermittent fast to kick-off the program.
  • Daily coaching guidance to help keep you motivated, making progress, and on track to a healthier, happier YOU!
  • A toolkit of mental well-being exercises to address limiting beliefs + self-sabotaging habits to sustain these healthy habits for the long-term. to address limiting beliefs + self-sabotaging habits to sustain these healthy habits for the long-term.
  • FOUR Live Group Coaching Calls to get additional nutrition education, lifestyle guidance and your personal questions answered
  • TWO Live Cooking Demos
  • VIP Level includes 1 personalized coaching session (30 minutes)
  • LIVE morning meditations to center you + set your intentions for the day
  • Daily Accountability Tracking 
  • Morning + Evening Routine Guidance to maximize the effects of your habit changes
  • Community support in a private Facebook Group 

This program is for YOU if:

  • You are struggling with: digestive issues, brain fog, bloating, fatigue, sleep, skin issues, overall energy in quarantine
  • You want to learn how to make simple, delicious and healthy meals that require minimal prep + maximum taste (especially while we're home in the kitchen!)
  • You need STRUCTURE, guidance, and support around making healthy changes
  • You want to learn the KEYS to making healthy habits SUSTAINABLE beyond this reset
  • You thrive in a group environment + desire a sense of community
  • You want the option to have personalized, one on one coaching support around your goals
  • You want tools to support your mental health and manage stress

How do I sign up?

Enter your name, email and payment information in the fields below. You’ll receive a welcome email with instructions, the meal guide and shopping lists. Please note, I will be doing this program LIVE with you on the scheduled days, BUT- you can definitely sign up and do it on your own timeline if that works better for you!

$169.99 | STANDARD
$209.99 VIP- Includes (1) 30 minute private coaching consultation

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I have had the HONOR to help women reset their lives by  participating in this program. Don't take my word for it, here's what past clients have shared about their experience:

Jamie- as you know I absolutely LOVED the spring detox and couldn’t pass up the experience again. I feel even better this time around… my energy is up, urge to snack is down and the feeling of self-controlis empowering. The 24 hour fast was fine because I knew what to expect and was proud to have the control not to “cheat”. I’m down to a weight that I haven’t been in years and to be honest, I thank you for that. I tend to bloat very easily after anything dairy, grains, sugar-filled,e tc.. And I haven’t felt this flat-bellied for as long as I can remember. The recipes you provide are all easy and customizable based on preference. 


Jamie’s reset programs are a quick way to start incorporating mindful eating and meal-prep into your daily life. After doing a couple resets, I now have a few quick recipes I can put together for an easy, delicious plant-based meal. At the end of the 5 days I always feel so rejuvenated in mind and body.I have more energy and I feel slimmer (I don’t routinely measure my weight). A lot of stress and anxiety that I experience is in part due to body image and how I feel about myself which has been much improved as of late. I loved the variety of recipes this time. I ended up choosing 4 easy recipes that I made on repeat with a little bit of mealprep in advance. meals that can be made in advance and put together quickly the day of generally is easiest for me if I’m going to bring it to work. 

- Jill

Jamie’s approach to nutrition and wellness is different from what I’ve experienced from other coaches or trainers in the past. She understands the mental side of habit changes and meets you where you’re at. She’s direct in a caring way and guides without overwhelming you. The reset program is a great opportunity to try what she has to offer. All of the recipes are easy to make, delicious, healthy, and satisfying. I appreciate her encouragement and availability to answer questions when needed. Her reset program is something I will continue to incorporate into my routine! I planned and ate healthy meals daily, I did not feel the need to take a nap, I felt more rested in the morning, did not feel guilty because I did not overeat.

- Lauren

This is my 2nd rest and I loved both. between the recipes and the coaching and meeting other like minded people it was great for me! I felt more energy, less hungry, excited by the food I was eating, and discovered the ability to enjoy making food again 🙂

- Aly

I have to say that I feel lighter - not just in the sense of physical weight, but also mentally. I have clarity and sense of joy and purpose.I am going to continue with these habits going forward! 


This program was well thought out, easy to follow! My results? Weight loss, gained control. More energy. New food choices. Healthier mindset.


Jamie does it again! Through timely, relevant, and educated wellness guidance, Jamie reminds me that health really comes down to everything that touches your body – what you put in it, how you move it, and what you fill your mental space with. Jamie reminds me to look at the whole picture – how I’m sleeping, breathing, eating (nutrients, food quality, delicious recipes, eating windows, chewing my food, and staying hydrated), and moving (reminding me that exercise creates energy, so no excuses!).

She's a constant reminder to get back to basics (hey, there’s a lot of things we are supposed to do to take care of ourselves!) while also offering new insight - without ever being pushy, condescending, or negative. In fact, she’s completely the opposite – positive, timely, relatable, responsive, supportive, and uplifting. She’s someone to aspire to; a role model. I’m so glad I came across Jamie – I 110% believe in her programs, guidance, and knowledge; and... above and beyond the education, she’s the most passionate person who truly cares and wants to make us all find holistic health.


I definitely felt an impact on my energy levels which is a huge reason why I am trying to improve my eating habits. I know other areas of my life will be impacted as I continue to live by these standards! I've learned so much, thank you! 


I definitely feel more alert! The last month I was overindulging in food and alcohol so my head was foggy come every Monday at work. This helped me clear my head and I noticed a lot more creative ideas flowing! Thank you Jamie!


About Jamie: I’m Jamie Forward, your Nutrition + Lifestyle Coach, with a focus in mental health. I’m a graduate of the Institute for Integrative Nutrition, and the Fix Your Period Apprenticeship Program. I am a firm believer that wellbeing starts with your mentality. The way you talk to yourself. What you believe to be true for your life. (Trust me, I’ve learned this the hard way after YEARS of self-sabotage, anxiety and depression).

I also believe in creating an action plan personalized to YOU that propels you forward in motion and gets you EXCITED about making healthy change.

I believe there is no one-size-fits all approach to your diet, but that there are certain ways of eating that work well for just about anyone (and that excludes processed foods, refined grains and sugar). I’m also a realist, and believe that life is truly a balancing act when it comes to feeling your best (hello margaritas with the girls or a bottle of wine and dessert for date night). Just keep it in moderation, would ya?
I also believe that movement and music are therapeutic and that exercise is a crucial part of maintaining your sanity (and your waist line).

Why I created this Reset Program: I’ve always been fascinated by the brain (I studied Psychology) and have found through research and personal practice that there are tools (both nutritional, mental and physical) that play key roles in the health of your brain and body.
I experimented with intermittent fasting for the first time in 2016, and immediately felt the benefits. Reducing sugar cravings, decreased inflammation and belly fat, and a clear-head.

It was right before the start of Spring 2016. My clients were coming to me asking for a way to kick off their health and reset for the season, so I thought it would be a great idea to develop a meal plan that would do just that. In efforts to detox your body, I’ve developed recipes that are easy to make (but never sacrifice taste) and aim at detoxing your internal organs, and your brain. They are all nutritionally balanced, and full of phytonutrients that will jumpstart your body and bring your energy back.

I have also developed mentality tools to help you kick your self-sabotaging habits and limiting beliefs to the curb. Because who needs them? Framing your mentality around making change is KEY to making it sustainable. We’ll dig beyond the surface and establish a healthy mental framework for you and your unique goals in this program. And you’ll learn some of my tools that I personally use to keep my wheels in motion for progress. PLUS I've included daily accountability management tools, morning meditations (to help us reset and start our days with positive light and intention, plus live cooking demonstrations so we can connect with one another during this crazy time.

Have questions? Email me directly at I look forward to helping you reset your health, beautiful!