Reclaim your energy.

Learn how to feel alive in your body and mind.

Optimize your health!

it’s time to feel like YOU again. I’ll teach you the tools to nourish your mind and body, and let the stress of “figuring it out” melt away!

I help women customize action plans to achieve their wellness goals through nutrition, movement and cultivating a healthy mindset and lifestyle. My goal is to EMPOWER and educate them in the areas of nutrition, stress management, positive psychology, and hormone health. Because truly, all of these areas of our lives affect one another. Health is not one dimensional. I want YOU to feel comfortable in your body + CONFIDENT in your mind. You too? Keep reading…

Want to Upgrade Your Energy? Learn how in five easy steps.


I’m Jamie.

A dance-loving Nutrition + Lifestyle Coach

I believe health is not one-dimensional, or one size. My goal is to give you the tools to heal yourself through nutrition, mentality & movement. To help you create a sustainable, fun lifestyle that helps you accomplish your wellness goals. I believe in small steps of progress & a kick-ass action plan to get you there.

After years of training in psychology, women’s health, nutrition & movement; I’ve healed myself from hormonal imbalances, years of depression and crippling stress, and cured my cystic acne.


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