Meet Jamie!

Have you ever felt plagued by the negative stories running through your mind? Doubting yourself. Comparing yourself. Stopping yourself short of your dreams? On a rollercoaster of depression and anxiety, and NEVER feeling like enough?

Yeah, that was me through my 20’s. Between careers that didn’t fulfill me, relationships that didn’t serve me, and always feeling less than in comparison to others added up to self-doubt and poor mental health for me.

Pair that with my hormonal cystic acne, oh, and my ability to internalize stress SO much that it affected my digestion AND initiated a year-long case of amenorrhea; I wasn’t living my best life.

[expand title="Read More!"] I always had this voice inside that said “you were made to do something BIG with your life”. I couldn’t connect the dots, and my life felt like a string of random events, choices and changes. With an undergraduate degree in psychology, I am fascinated by human behavior and cognitive processing. The desire to help others live better is who I am.

As a life-long dancer, I taught fitness for 10 years throughout my 20’s. As much as I loved dancing and teaching, I felt I couldn’t depend on my physical body for my career. I constantly felt depleted after teaching, even though I was “healthy”

Finding the Institute of Integrative Nutrition was the marriage of everything I had done and wanted. Being my own boss, making an impact in others’ lives, expanding my knowledge of wellness, not fitness only, and tying together Psychology and business. THIS was IT. The school changed my career, but also how I viewed my health- it wasn’t just about what I DID, but how I FELT that could be shaped by diet and lifestyle. A revelation with my sabotaging thoughts & poor mental health in my 20s. I also believe in the importance of movement as therapy. With my dance history, it’s proven to me time and time again that a dance party will ALWAYS improve your mood.

I am a passionate coach who KNOWS the effects of stress. I’ve learned the hard way how stress can affect everything from eating habits, to mental health and also hormone health and fertility.

And I’m here to help YOU put your best foot FWD and share proper tools and techniques that you need to slow down, feed yourself well, manage stress, and feel confident in your mind and body, and in control of your life.

So let’s do this! Are you ready?

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My Experience

I am a certified Holistic Health Coach from the Institute for Integrative Nutrition, and have continued my education in granular, women-focused training through Nicole Jardim’s Fix Your Period Apprenticeship, and spiritual training through Gabby Bernstein’s Spirit Junkie Master Class. I also hold a bachelor’s degree in Psychology and have always been fascinated by the human brain, cognitive function, and human behavior.

However, my first love and entry into the wellness world was through fitness and dance.

I first entered the world of wellness as a professional cheerleader for the Buffalo Bills in college. After graduating, I worked in NYC as a Zumba Instruction and Fitness professional all across New York City for over 9 years.

I am constantly learning, evolving and growing- as a human, a woman, and a coach. I LOVE sharing my experiences with other women who need it, and also connecting with other wellness-minded professionals and communities. Come say hi!

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How It Helps You

You’re stressed out. Burnt out, even. Your “to-do” list is never ending, but neither are your aspirations. However, you tend to brush yourself to the side in exchange for social gatherings, work, and whatever else you say “yes” to.

You hold some guilt for not doing things differently in the past- whether that’s with your health goals, personal relationships, career moves, or something more. Your life feels like you’re living it for someone else. The mental chatter and stress you put on YOURSELF sometimes feels loud, harsh and overwhelming. And overwhelm coupled with the confusion of what’s actually “healthy” for you gets so frustrating to navigate.

Eating well? Doesn’t always come easy. In fact, temptation is often obvious and frequent, especially when it comes to your social calendar. You’re interested in learning how to eat healthier, especially when out in social settings, but often find it’s just one more thing to add to your “to-do” list.

Perhaps your stress internalizes in one of these forms: insomnia, depression, anxiety, gut imbalances, constipation, and even cystic acne. I have had every single one of these symptoms, not to mention stress so high that it stopped my period COMPLETELY for a YEAR.

It sucks, and it can feel impossible to work your way out of, especially when you’re always on the go.

Let me tell you a little secret, beautiful: THIS DOES NOT NEED TO DEFINE YOUR LIFE. With some guidance, education and love and support, you CAN CHANGE your habits and YOUR LIFE.

Sometimes, we need to step out of our sub-conscious patterns and autopilot ways and take a deep breath. And realize that the stories we tell ourselves are just that- stories. And they can be rewritten.

My life did a complete 180 when I learned how food, mood, movement and hormonal health are all so interconnected and affect your overall health, happiness and energy.

And over the years, I’ve mastered these tools and techniques to help people like YOU live a life that they are proud of.

Are you ready to take the next step?

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What I do

If you're looking to make changes to your health, you're in the right place.

I help women customize action plans to achieve their wellness goals through nutrition, movement and cultivating a healthy mindset and lifestyle. My goal is to EMPOWER and educate them in the areas of nutrition, stress management, positive psychology, and hormone health. Because truly, all of these areas of our lives affect one another. Health is not one dimensional. I want YOU to feel comfortable in your body + CONFIDENT in your mind.

  • One-on-One

    Personalized nutrition and lifestyle coaching tied to YOUR unique goals.

  • Accountability

    Because we all need help staying on track with our goals.

  • Sustainability

    Because this isn’t a “quick fix” cleanse, or “lose 10 lbs in 2 days” diet. You won’t be left hangry, either. This is about lasting change that YOU can carry into your everyday life for the long-term.

  • Freedom

    From mental barriers of self-sabotage, and food shame.

  • Toolkit

    A toolkit of recipes, self-care techniques (both mental and physical) and healthy lifestyle hacks to keep you in balance and feeling like a rockstar on the reg!

  • Educate

    Educate and support around your hormone and reproductive health, and how proper nutrition and lifestyle habits can support you.

  • Customized

    Customized action plan (that you’re EXCITED about). One that you can take into your daily routine with confidence.

  • Understand

    A deeper understanding of your behavior and mentality around food- and the tools to free yourself from the guilt and shame.

  • Know your body

    Education around the right food and lifestyle for your unique body.

  • Self confidence

    Self confidence around food and love and acceptance for your body.

  • Add-ons

    Customizable add-ons of choice: cooking classes, healthy store tours and shopping guides, access to workout classes and wellness events (as available).

  • Unconditional support

    Unconditional support, guidance + love- because no one deserves to feel alone in their health concerns. I’ve got your back 100% along the way.