Private Coaching

One on one coaching is a personalized experience. It allows us the time to identify your short and long-term goals as they relate to your overall health and well-being. During these programs, you’ll learn the foundation of a nutritious diet, especially how it relates to your unique needs.

In addition to physical nutrition and food, we ALWAYS address your lifestyle through a holistic lens. When we examine your health, we look at the full picture. Mental health, sleep, movement, stress, relationships, education, self-care. ALL of these pieces are important when looking at the full picture.

You will learn the key lifestyle hacks, mentality and self-care tools needed to take control of your life and work-life balance, and create mental space and energy for yourself.

These programs are the most in-depth and transformational offerings I provide, and can be customized to your own needs and goals.

These can be done remotely, or in-person, depending on your location.


What's in it for you?


  • Initial Consultation
  • Bi-monthly Coaching Sessions (2 sessions per month)
  • Long-term and short-term goal setting & accountability
  • Full session recaps/recommendations after each session with a customized action plan
  • Resources (recipes, custom meal guides, restaurant guides, articles, books, videos)
  • Accessibility to coach by email or phone in-between sessions


  • Nutrition education & guidance- providing you a foundation of macronutrients and micronutrients that are essential for a healthy diet. We'll address different dietary theories and identify what foods work well for your unique body and goals.
  • Food/Mood Analysis
  • Unlimited healthy recipe resources (we'll cover all the goods- homecooking, eating out at restaurants, snacking, smoothie making, batch cooking, etc...)


  • Physical Activity / Exercise
  • Stress Management
  • Sleep Hygiene
  • Mental Health
  • Self-Care


  • Hormonal health support & education- including supplement recommendations, self-care strategies, meal plans
  • Hormone testing assessment (in partnership with practitioner)


Knowing that this program is unique to you, happy to talk custom options that interest you if you don't see below.

  • Access to health, wellness & fitness events in your local area as available
  • Cooking demonstrations
  • Health Food Store Tours
  • Pantry Makeovers
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  • One-on-One

    Personalized nutrition and lifestyle coaching tied to YOUR unique goals.

  • Accountability

    Because we all need help staying on track with our goals.

  • Sustainability

    Because this isn’t a “quick fix” cleanse, or “lose 10 lbs in 2 days” diet. You won’t be left hangry, either. This is about lasting change that YOU can carry into your everyday life for the long-term.

  • Freedom

    From mental barriers of self-sabotage, and food shame.

  • Toolkit

    A toolkit of recipes, self-care techniques (both mental and physical) and healthy lifestyle hacks to keep you in balance and feeling like a rockstar on the reg!

  • Educate

    Educate and support around your hormone and reproductive health, and how proper nutrition and lifestyle habits can support you.

  • Customized

    Customized action plan (that you’re EXCITED about). One that you can take into your daily routine with confidence.

  • Understand

    A deeper understanding of your behavior and mentality around food- and the tools to free yourself from the guilt and shame.

  • Know your body

    Education around the right food and lifestyle for your unique body.

  • Self confidence

    Self confidence around food and love and acceptance for your body.

  • Add-ons

    Customizable add-ons of choice: cooking classes, healthy store tours and shopping guides, access to workout classes and wellness events (as available).

  • Unconditional support

    Unconditional support, guidance + love- because no one deserves to feel alone in their health concerns. I’ve got your back 100% along the way.

Seasonal Detoxes

Ready to reset your health? Want to learn new recipes you can recreate at home? Maybe you’re trying to tame your sugar addiction or get your digestion back on track. Plus you need some accountability, and like the support of a group setting.

My seasonal detoxes take place with the season changes, and include a 5 day meal plan full of plant-based, nutrient rich meals that are easy to create, macro-balanced, and full of fiber. Plus, the meals change depending on what’s in-season.

What you get:

5 days of recipes (breakfast, lunch, dinner)
Daily coaching guidance
Community support group
2 Group Coaching Calls
Optional guided intermittent fast
Optional 1:1 coaching session (VIP Pricing)


Standard program: $69.99
VIP program: $119.99


Busy Bee Organics Beetox

Local to the Hudson county area? Looking for a way to reset your health, but too busy to cook? This is for YOU!

Busy Bee Organics and I partner several times per year on our Beetox Programs (range from 5-21 days in length depending on the program and time of year).

These programs include customizable, nutritionist and natural chef-curated meals that are delivered to your door. Aimed to reset eating patterns, reduce blood sugar, reduce cravings, eliminate bloating, fatigue and digestive trouble; and increase energy, sleep, mood and weight loss.

1:1 private coaching included. To see when the next Beetox is kicking-off, visit

Pricing: varies depending on length of program, portion sizes, protein choice, etc…

Small Group Coaching


Great for small groups, wedding parties, besties, coworkers or family members who are wanting to get healthier, and looking for support and accountability from others in their life, with personalized coaching from me.

Small group coaching sessions last for 12 weeks (3 months) and include one 1:1 coaching session (45 minutes), six 60 minute group coaching sessions (bi-monthly) and access to a Facebook Group community.

Pricing: dependent on group size. Please contact me directly.

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