“I have done Jamie’s three month Health Coaching program. This is a very structured program that she designs for you to improve your individual lifestyle. Jamie was so helpful when it came to me attaining my goals of weight loss, healthier eating habits, and to have higher energy levels throughout the day. The first week she studied my eating habits and lifestyle, and then she offered little tricks that were so easy to implement. For example, she introduced me to Chia seeds—which I now eat every day! She taught me how to make a “super food” smoothie, something I have had for breakfast every day for the past year. She also clarified a lot of “myths'' that I was living off of—mainly crash dieting tips we see online, or just habits you think might be good but aren’t doing anything for you. I started this program with Jamie really to lose weight, but then when I noticed I was actually HEALTHIER, I stuck by it for 3 months and am still following her secrets! Hiring Jamie will guarantee you a PERSONALIZED health experience from someone who lives and breathes individual well-being. She has completely transformed how I approach food and meal planning. I think the best part of the program (which I saved for last) is that she will teach you how to approach desserts and meal planning in such a simple and beneficial way. Her list of approved desserts is amazing, and it’s not constricting like other health programs. And her 20-minute meals will literally save you a ton of time and money in the kitchen, but you will still be taking care of yourself. Whether you sign up for her 1-month or 3-month program, it will be the best money you spend on yourself. Think about it… 3 months to learn how to take care of your health for the rest of your life. Definitely some of the best money I have ever spent!!!”
Shelly K
“As a result of Jamie’s coaching program, my diet has changed for the better. Prior to the program I would consistently binge eat, have “snaccidents” (when you mean to have just a snack and wind up eating several snacks at one), and I had no education on the types of foods I should be eating. Now, I ensure I have a healthy combination of macros at every meal. I have noticed a change in how I feel as a result of the change in my diet. Prior to working with Jamie, I didn’t know how to manage my stress, my head felt heavy and clouded with negativity, and I forgot what made me happy. On a scale from 1-10 (10 being the best), I would rate the education of Jamie to be a 20. I went into this program thinking I was going to lose weight and feel better. What I didn’t realize was the level of education & understanding I would have around health & wellness that would live beyond the program. I didn’t recognize how I was allowing stress and judgement to shadow living my life. I didn’t know how much lighter I would feel at the end of the program. I feel strongly that the education I received added years to my life. It fulfilled me in ways I can’t describe. Jamie prioritized me when I couldn’t prioritize myself. I feel lighter, I think more clearly, have a better work/life harmony, and I enjoy the present moment.  I accomplished so much more through the program than I even imagined. I went in thinking that I was going to lose a few pounds. I didn’t even realize how much my life changed for the better because of my coach. Every step of the way, I felt in control of my health, felt as though my goals were realistic, and I could do anything I set my mind to. “
Erika S.
“My diet isn’t a “diet” anymore.  It is a lifestyle change. This program has made me more aware of sugar and processed foods.  Throughout the program Jamie helped me make small modifications and suggested substitutions to allow me to wean off of non-nutritious foods (i.e. diet soda, starches, etc.).  I believe the baby step approach has allowed me to stick with the program so well. Removing the “quick fix” mentality of fad diets and not beating myself up for going off track on occasion has also been helpful.   I don’t obsess over calorie counting, but I am more aware of what I’m eating and how it fuels my body as well as incorporating exercise that I consider fun so I continue to stay active. I’ve lost 13 lbs since the start of the program.  I fit better in my clothes and feel comfortable in my own skin. I’m able to slowly lose weight while maintaining my on-the-go lifestyle of commuting and traveling. Lastly, the program has helped me overcome problems with digestion and bloating and I feel great.  I would highly recommend working with Jamie and giving the program a try.” 
Kim Z. 
“As a newly married, corporate working woman on the verge of turning 30, I realized how unhappy and stressed I was about certain aspects of my lifestyle.  I had gained more weight than I would have liked after I got married, I was/am unhappy with my job and these things were keeping me awake at night....all the time.  I tried the fad diets and it would work...and then real life got in the way. And honestly that made it worse. I needed something more in depth to help my weight problem and made the decision to try a nutritionist.  I didn’t know where to start even looking for someone I would feel comfortable with… and then remembered a friend had mentioned she knew a nutritionist and sent us her detoxes regularly. I reached out to Jamie and immediately knew it was the best decision.  I went into it looking for something to help with my weight, but what I learned was so much more than that.  I went into our first meeting feeling nervous and even embarrassed of where I was in my life and how I was feeling. Yet, all of that went away after just a few minutes of speaking with Jamie.  She reminded me that no one has it completely together and it’s ok to be feeling the way I was and that she was there to help me build the tools and confidence to help myself. It was so easy to talk to Jamie about literally anything. I felt so comfortable discussing my insecurities...which isn’t something I am used to.  I started with super lofty goals, which I think has been a hindrance in the past and Jamie said start small and hit one goal, then another. It doesn’t have to be all at once! What a difference! And the meal guide … DELICIOUS! I still have some go to recipes I use regularly! It’s not always the same and there are some great unique recipes Jamie prepares! Number one thing I achieved in this program is knowing I have to tools and confidence now to go forward when it comes to bettering my lifestyle.  I had lost some weight, I was sleeping and had so much more knowledge about what was going to help me feel better about me. It was ok to be selfish and put myself first sometimes.  I think my proudest moment came when I turned 30 and realized “I’VE GOT THIS”. Yes, stress will come but I can handle it. I won’t let it impact my sleep or my personal life or anything. I can handle it. And it has helped my life immensely. If you are feeling in anyway like I was...immediately sign up for Jamie’s program. She is a rockstar that is constantly there to support you throughout the program...not just on the days of your meeting.  It is worth it! She is worth it! I know admitting you need help is a HUGE step, but think of it as an hour every week or other week that you are  meeting up with a friend to just chat and discuss where you are in life and what about your overall health is bothering you. That’s what this is. And if you are struggling between...Jamie’s just a text away. I can’t express enough, if you are struggling with your health - this can be anything from eating habits to mental health - go to Jamie.”
Jacqueline S.  
 “Through timely, relevant, and educated wellness guidance, Jamie reminds me that health really comes down to everything that touches your body – what you put in it, how you move it, and what you fill your mental space with. Jamie reminds me to look at the whole picture – how I’m sleeping, breathing, eating (nutrients, food quality, delicious recipes, eating windows, chewing my food, and staying hydrated), and moving (reminding me that exercise creates energy, so no excuses!). She's a constant reminder to get back to basics (hey, there’s a lot of things we are supposed to do to take care of ourselves!) while also offering new insight - without ever being pushy, condescending, or negative. In fact, she’s completely the opposite – positive, timely, relatable, responsive, supportive, and uplifting. She’s someone to aspire to; a role model. I’m so glad I came across Jamie – I 110% believe in her programs, guidance, and knowledge; and... above and beyond the education, she’s the most passionate person who truly cares and wants to make us all find holistic health.”
Andrea N.
 “Since working with Jamie, I have experience positive shifts in various aspects of my life. She has taught me that not only does the food you put into your body affect your physical appearance but your mental state as well. Through learning how to cook efficiently & eat better for my individual body, I have lost weight, gained energy and feel great! Having someone who is so eager to help and gain awareness of how your body functions has been one of the greatest parts of working with Jamie. Her willingness to seek out a solution to your frustrations has been extremely insightful, especially when your doctors can’t seem to pin down a cause of your uneasiness. I have dealt with digestive issues my whole life, never learning what actually upset me. By giving Jamie insight into my daily symptoms, she was able to identify my problem: Candida.Through her research and set dietary plan of action, I was able to eliminate at least two thirds of the amount of stomach aches I would get on a weekly basis and shed up to 5+ pounds doing so. I recommend Jamie Forward’s health coaching to anyone who is seeking everlasting results for the mind, body and soul. The way you see yourself is the way others see you and you should always feel 100% AMAZING!”
Marissa K.
“For me, the biggest change wasn’t what I ate, but it was how much I ate. Jamie really helped me understand portion control and how to tell the difference between actual hunger and “boredom hunger.The biggest change I’ve noticed is mental- I no longer beat myself up for having a “bad day of eating” or overindulging. I’m able to get over it quickly and get back on track the next day. I’ve seen improvements in my social life, as I no longer skip out on getting meals with friends due to being afraid of eating unhealthy food or eating too much. I’ve also noticed that eating according to Jamie’s guidelines gives me more energy, so my exercise routine has improved. I think going into the program I understood what a healthy lifestyle was like on an intellectual level, but Jamie helped me really live that out and put the knowledge into action.  I physically and mentally see a change in myself- I noticed it most towards the end of the program, so I am excited to continue my progress even after the program is over.”
Brittany L